SEAGENT is a framework which facilities development of Multi-agent Systems in the semantic web environment.
WoDQA is a federated linked data query engine which can be used to query the datasets in Linked Open Data Cloud or in enterprise linked data clouds.
Ege University Linked Open Data Portal is the first Linked Open Data attempt in Turkey, which is initiated by SEAGENT research group.

SEAGENT semantic web agent research group does research about Semantic Web, Linked Data and Multi-agent Systems. The original idea behind the Semantic Web is making software agents more intelligent on the web. In this direction, we are working on tools, techniques and methodologies for Semantic Web application development. 


From 2002 to 2011, SEAGENT research group mainly focused on the development of SEAGENT multi-agent framework. SEAGENT has been used as a tool in a graduate course to teach MAS development since 2006 in Ege University, and several industrial and academic projects have been developed on top of it. Then, while our research direction in this field was focusing on goal-directed semantic agents, adaptive multi-agent organizations, and role-based multi-agent systems, we started to focus on linked data technologies. Linked data paves the way of making applications consuming data from lots of sources. Currently, SEAGENT research group has industrial and academic projects on linked data and open data. Since open data movement needs to be integrated with linked data, we try to create the examples of linked open data in Turkey.